Welcome to Catholic Family Services’ Blog

This is our inaugural post and we are pleased to reach out to our community in this new way.  We welcome your comments, feedback, and suggestions and want to make this blog as informative as possible — so keep the ideas coming!

To start with, a note from our Executive Director:

Hello Friends:

CFS has helped many of your neighbors who are experiencing stress and intense hardships. Families are fragile as a consequence of lack of employment and health care.  Many are homeless, hungry and have debt.  With your help, during the past year, we’ve:

  • responded to homeless and precariously housed youth with Ark “Drop-In” centers where support and services are given,
  • relocated Bridges mental health counseling to be more accessible to pregnant women and teens at Caring Network,
  • increased the subsidy for utility costs for elderly residents at Baraga Manor Apartments,
  • welcomed and sheltered 14% more youth at the Ark shelter,
  • built 9 units of housing for homeless young adults, and
  • continued our commitment to quality care and have earned COA accreditation for 4 more years.

We thank God and you for all gifts and opportunities given to us.

Peace be with you,



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