Christmas Blessings Abound

We’re in the midst of the Christmas season.  While it’s incredibly busy, it’s also been so full of blessings for our clients and our agency.  We thought it would be great to let you know about some of these wonderful “mission stories” as we like to call them:

 The Ark Cottages Become Homes

If you’ve been following the story of The Ark Cottages, you know they are nine units of permanent supportive housing for homeless youth and the first of their kind in the state of Michigan.  Funding came together through a unique public-private partnership to bring them from dreams to reality.  And now we are experiencing even more blessings.  A local hotel has donated furnishings (which are beautiful and it perfect condition) to fill the nine units.  At the same time, our local Art Van contacted us to say that they would like to volunteer for our agency — did we have any projects?  You bet we did!  On Monday, December 12, the Art Van volunteers are moving all the donated furnishings into The Ark Cottages to make them into comfortable homes.  Additional Art Van volunteers are coming to the site on December 13th to unpack all the kitchen items, clean the units, and make them “move in ready.”  What a perfect Christmas gift for all the youth who are getting ready to move in there.  Thank you so much Art Van!

Caring Network Apartments get a Makeover

This story relates to the first, but it’s still very exciting.  The Caring Network apartments are four units of transitional supportive housing for new mothers and their babies.  They have provided more than a decade of safe and secure housing, and the furnishings are really showing the wear.  As part of the hotel donation and the Art Van volunteer project, the Caring Network Apartments are getting a makeover.  On Monday, December 12 the old furnishings will be donated to another non-profit and new furnishings will be moved in.  This could not happen without the generous support of our community!  The apartments will be a clean, safe and even more comfortable place for young families to grow.

Christmas Baskets Bring the Season to Clients

Every year Catholic Family Services works with local businesses, organizations, and individuals to provide a Merry Christmas to homeless youth and young families.  This year has been full of blessings with literally dozens of clients “adopted” and looking forward to receiving not only “needs” but a few “wants” as well.  To see the face of a young child who was never thought they would get anything for Christmas as they open up a lovingly chosen toy — that is in itself a great present.  We are so thankful to all those who are taking the time this season to give gifts to those most in need.

Potluck Pals Cookbook Supports The Ark — We are also blessed to have been selected to be a Potluck Pals Partner this year.  Lori Moore will be with our staff at the Woodbridge Hills Hardings on Monday December 12.  You can meet Lori, learn more about the work we do, and buy a great cookbook for $5.  All of the proceeds go to The Ark.  It’s a win-win!

Thanks to everyone who has remembered our clients and our agency this Christmas year.  We are so thankful and blessed — even overwhelmed — by your generosity.  We could not do the life-changing work we do every day without your help! 

If you’d like to learn more about any of these activities or join us in our mission by sharing your time or talents please contact us at 381-9800.  Thank you, God bless,  and Merry Christmas!


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