Starting Off the New Year Right: Building Awareness

You may or may not know it . . . but Catholic Family Services is an agency that provides diverse services to diverse people across a large (nine county) area.  We are a lot of difference things to a lot of different people, depending on how they interface with our agency.  Yet most would benefit from knowing all (or more) of the things we do and how they can become involved.  This is the perfect opportunity for a New Year’s Resolution — or a goal — for Catholic Family Services for 2012.

2012 will be our year of AWARENESS . . . seeking to reach out to our community — not just to tell them about us, but also to learn about you and how we can best meet your needs and partner with you for the good of the community.  Look for some innovative marketing strategies, using new tools to reach out to you in new ways.  We also realize that your feedback in this process is crucial to its success . . . and to that end, we are asking a few questions:

  • What do you know about Catholic Family Services and the work we do?

  • How do you “interact” with Catholic Family Services?  Do you follow us on Facebook?  Check out our website periodically?  Stop by or meet with our staff?

  • How would you LIKE to interact with us?  How can we provide you with information and resources in a better manner?  What would you like to see us do differently in this area in 2012?

Thanks so much for your time, thoughts, and responses and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you from Catholic Family Services.


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