Wisdom of The Ages

The new year is exactly that — still new — and there are dozens of opportunities to make positive and intentional changes in your life.  So what tried and true pieces of advice can help you navigate the new year?  While this list is far from comprehensive, we have some excellent tips that have survived the tests of time.  Gathered from diverse sources, these tips can help make you the kind of person you want to be:

  • Don’t be afraid of the phrase “I don’t know.”  If you don’t know the answer, don’t try to bluff.  If you’re at fault, take the blame.  If you’re wrong, apologize.  A wise person once said, “If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember anything.”
  • Never gossip.  If some wants to gossip with you, politely say that you’re not interested.  When someone gossips, two lives are hurt — the person being talked about and the person doing the talking.
  • No task is beneath you.  Don’t think you are above anything.  Be the good example and pitch in — especially if the job is one that nobody wants to do.
  • Share the credit whenever possible.  People who spread credit around look much stronger than those who take all the credit themselves.
  • Ask for help.  If you think you’re in over your head, you are.  Before it gets out of hand, ask someone for help.  Most people enjoy giving a hand.  Besides saving yourself from embarrassment, you’ll make a friend and an ally.
  • When you don’t like someone, don’t let it show.  Never burn bridges or offend others as you move through life.  What good does it do you to have them know you don’t like them?
  • Let it go.  What shouldn’t happen often does: you didn’t get what you wanted.  Be gracious and diplomatic and move on.  Harboring a grudge over something you can’t change will never get you anywhere.
  • When you’re right, don’t gloat.  The only time you should ever use the phrase “I told you so” is if someone says to you, “You were right.  I really could do that well.”

If you would like some personalized help — some one-on-one support as you commit to change — call our Bridges Outpatient Mental Health Program and schedule an appointment.   Our experienced staff can be the support you need to be the person you want to be.  We can be reached at 269-381-1234.


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