“Little” Things Make a Huge Difference

It’s been another week full of blessings here at Catholic Family Services, with caring members of our community coming up with creative ways to help our clients on their journey toward self-sufficiency and positive change.  We wanted to take a moment and thank them for their unique ways of helping — many of which may seem “little” or “insignificant” at the time.  Out of every act of generosity comes an impact that you may never know . . . and each is greatly appreciated!

This past Sunday was Superbowl Sunday.  More than a game, the Superbowl is synonymous with great food and celebrations.  St Thomas More and St Joseph’s youth groups were getting together to do just that — eat some great food and hang out.  Yet, in the midst of their fun, they chose to remember the youth staying at The Ark.  They prepared extra food — delicious Mexican food — and made sure that Ark residents had something yummy to gnosh on during the game. 

It may seem like a small thing, but it was a touch of normalcy in the midst of chaos and life-changing work for Ark Residents and every delicious bite was appreciated!  Shown here are two youth group members making the delicious food and youth group leaders Molly and Jerry Mechtenberg.

St. Monica students from Mrs. Martin’s second grade class also did their part to make the lives of our clients a bit more comfortable and healthy.  They collected personal care items during Catholic Schools week.  Below, Anthony Signorello, Ethan Warren, Joseph Clark, and Connor Meadmore pose with just some of the many items given to help Caring Network, Ark Services for Youth, and Baraga Manor residents.

“Personal care items can be expensive to buy.  We’re to thankful to schools like St. Monica who support our mission of helping those in need,” said Jeannine Boehm, Volunteer Coordinator at Caring Network.  Mrs Martin’s class also collected socks which will be donated to the Gospel Mission.


In both of these projects, normal people decided to go above and beyond, sharing from their bounty to make the lives of others better.  Neither project may seem huge, but the way they will impact our clients lives — just by showing them that there is someone out there who cares enough about them to make this effort — is huge.  If you would like to reach out and change a life, we would be more than happy to work with you . . . and you can be creative in the process!  Just give Jeannine a call at 269-381-1234.


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