Connecting Mission and Service

Most of Catholic Family Services’ leadership team will be out of the office next week from Sunday until Wednesday.  We’re not heading out on Spring Break (at least not yet, anyway)!  We will be using the time together to attend a special training called

From Mission to Service: A Program on Mission-based Leadership and Organization Development

The event is co-sponsored by the University of Notre Dame and Catholic Charities USA and will be held at Notre Dame with faculty from the Mendoza College of Business among others.

As a leadership team, we are so excited to be able to set aside the time and devote attention to this foundationally important topic.  We will spend the three days examining how faith-based mission imprints our daily work in decision-making, leadership, and organizational practices . . . in short, we will be looking at how the Catholic mission animates, energizes, and guides our leadership and organizational systems.  We hope to see both short-term and long-term impacts as a result of this important investment.

In the short-term:  We are asked to pick an organizational issue to be the focus of an Action Learning Project.  The issue will be evaluated, examined, and (hopefully) improved using the tools and insights we gain at the training.  Then, in October, we come back together and present on the progress of our Action Learning Project, receiving feedback from amazing faculty and our peers.

In the long-term:  We hope to learn tools that will apply across our work in the agency.  Not only will we learn more about Catholic Charities and its amazing tools, we will also focus on incorporation our mission, vision, and values into our everyday work.  This will impact our organizational culture, services, and interactions with peers and co-workers.

In the midst of a busy organization, we sometimes get overwhelmed with the daily and urgent needs.  We are so excited for this opportunity to come together and focus on the foundation of our service.  Please pray for us as we undertake this journey to make Catholic Family Services as strong — and mission-driven — as we can be.

If you’d like to know more about the event, please click on the link below.  We welcome your insights and feedback about what you read and look forward to sharing information with you about the event in next week’s blog.


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