A Change to Celebrate: 2012 Teddy Bear Picnic

What do you get when you mix kids, summer, hot dogs, teddy bears, games, balloons and face painting? A fun-filled Teddy Bear Picnic! On June 21, 2012, Catholic Charities clients, volunteers, staff and families gathered to spend time together to enjoy the festivities at beautiful Milham Park.   The annual event is a great opportunity for everyone to relax, socialize, and just plain have fun.   Anna the face painter, more suitably known as “the face artist” did some amazing work on the children’s faces and arms, as she turned them into fairy princesses, pink and blue tigers, butterfly’s, Spidermen and the like.  The balloonist with his fancy air machine-made ladybugs, pink panthers, penguins, green aliens, ghosts, funny looking hats,  and of course teddy bears to fit the occasion.  The most popular with the toddlers was chasing very large bubbles from a very large wand dipped in a soapy mixture!

We can thank the many volunteers that helped to make this happen, especially the volunteers who baked all of the wonderful homemade cookies (they were delicious!) and the Hackett students who helped set up, grill those tasty hot dogs, and cleanup afterwards.  A special thank you also goes to the Catholic Charities Youth Advisory Board for all of their assistance as well.

Hats off to our wonderful Sponsors:  Meijer, Harding’s and Gordon Food Service who made the picnic possible.

Please check out the websites of our talented friends:

Clash’s K-zoo Party Crew:


And Rick the balloonist: