Is It All Worth It?

Let me start by saying I’m NOT a sports fan.  Any other time of year, any other sporting season and I’m not one to be watching intently.  There’s just something about the Olympics.  Something that captures the mind and the imagination and the heart.  Sure, there are the obscure athletes and events that you seldom get to watch any other time of year, but it’s more than that.  As one blogger put it, it’s those “glimmers of hope that we may yet transcend our egos and join together in peace (Greg Mackie, 2008).”

In surfing the web, I found that I am far from the only person interested in the Olympics — television ratings for this year’s games are off the charts.  Blogs and articles abound and it seems everyone has an opinion on the latest drama of the day.  I particularly enjoyed the following quote and could see its relation to the work we do here at CCDOK every single day:

The Olympics draw us in and interests us in sports we normally do not collectively pay attention to.  It is the work of a lifetime coming down to a few seconds or steps.  Even if we don’t understand the intricacies of gymnastic competition or other sports . . . we get the concept of a life’s work coming down to make-or-break moments.  For many of these athletes, this is it . . . this will be their answer to “was it all worth it?”  (Rich Copley, July 2012)

“A life’s work coming down to make-or-break moments” . . . that thought makes you stop and consider if the risk of failure is worth putting your dreams on the line.   Our clients often ask the same question when they come to us for help.  When each client comes to us, seeking help with a challenge in their life, they are taking a risk and allowing us to help them achieve their dreams.  Often they can’t even articulate these dreams because they have lost hope.  We know we have a very short time to make a life-changing impact and to help them on their journey. 

One of the first things we do — during our first meeting — is to plan for that time when they leave our services.  We are like the coach in the background during an Olympic event, helping to prepare them for that moment when they go out the door for the last time.  We work intensely with them and ask them to make a commitment to change, then we try to give them as many tools and skills as we can so they can shine during their personal “make or break” moments.  Foundational to success is giving each the gift of hope — to know that they can change and have a positive future to look forward to.  We stand on the sidelines, after investing our lives in theirs, and watch some soar beyond our wildest imagination.  Other stumble and we are there to help them get back up and try again.

Mr Copley comments that “The Olympics get us and a lot of people to do things they would not normally do.”  Each day, each meeting, we work with members of your community to help them improve their lives, strengthen their families, and do things they would not normally do.  It’s not nationally televised and the victories are intensely personal, but it is so similar to the drama of the Olympics in so many ways.  That’s why we’ve been here for more than 35 years . . . and why we come to work every day.  We welcome you to partner with us in any way you can. 


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