Isn’t It Love?

A funny thing happened today… 

I was sitting, looking at the piles and piles of work on my desk.  I had just gotten off the phone with a co-worker who was dealing with her own set of problems as she seeks to make life better for kids dealing with overwhelming challenges.  Another co-worker walked in to talk about (of all things) bedbugs and billings.   Then there were the meetings — working hard, through mind-numbing details, to make sure we are fulfilling every obligation we committed to when we accept funding and that, most importantly, we are making things work not only for ourselves and those who trust us with money, but for our clients.  Looking at pages and pages of numbers, and realizing that each number represents the lives of those we exist to serve. 

There are challenges at home, challenges at work, and personal challenges. 

Frankly, I was feeling completely overwhelmed.  I was at a point where I wondered if the work we are doing — despite all the lives changed and wonderful client stories — was worth it.   And I know I’m not alone.  Many of the people I love most in the world are feeling the exact same thing . . . overwhelmed and wondering if it’s all worth it.

Out of the blue, a dear friend sent me the lyrics to a song by Andrew Peterson.  She sent me the song, “Isn’t it Love?” for a simple reason — it mentions Kalamazoo, where I live. 

Yet the lyrics were much more than geography.  They were balm for a tired soul.

Lost my luggage out in Kalamazoo —
Same way I tend to lose my conscience, too.
Another day in these dirty old blues, and I don’t seem to mind.
This is a thing that confounds me;
You can find me; You surround and remind me.
I lose my way and I forget about You
But You still remember me. . .

And I know that You love us the same,
‘Cause the sun came up today; Just as if we deserved it —
Just as if any one of us fools was worth it;
Truth is that we’ll never be perfect, but You love us just the same.

All of a sudden the big picture came into focus.  I remembered why I come to work each day, what my goals and purposes are and, most importantly, that I am loved.  I am given the gift of life and tasks to do each day to show that love to others.  I will never be perfect — none of us will — I will still get angry and tired and stressed out and overwhelmed — but through it all, I will be loved.  That’s enough to make it all worthwhile. 

While I might’ve been the one to have the revelation today, I share it in the hopes that you will also realized you are loved and worth loving!  The staff here at Catholic Charities believes that every person has worth and deserves to be loved — and we are here to help you!

Yes, indeed . . . a funny thing happened today.  A wonderful thing!

(Just in case you’d like to hear the whole song.)


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